With family roots in the entertainment business, it's no surprise Janna Cachola felt a desire to perform. And there is no doubt she has the talent for it.

She began avidly chasing her dreams of being a performer at the age of 14 when she visited the States. Her passion ignited as she returned to New Zealand, she joined the performing arts team in school and church. At aged 16, she auditioned for season 2 of NZ idol and recorded her first EP in her birth country, Philippines. From then on she has been around the world as a Worship singer and backing vocalist for many artists.

Cachola is a multi-talented performer with an extensive background in screen and stage. Janna is sighted as a daring actress known for her high action performances.

Janna Cachola is an Auckland based performer and a proud member of NZ actors equity.

Janna Cachola is the one to CATCH